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Information for parents

The Paediatric Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team (PBIRT) provides multidisciplinary assessment and management of rehabilitation needs for children and young people with an acquired brain injury. This includes medical assessment, case management and Allied Health assessment and management.

Long term support and assistance with school and leisure is also provided.

Some important things you can do as a parent:

  • Seek clarification on any information contained in assessments that you don't understand from the professional who coordinated the assessment.
  • Ensure relevant school staff receives a copy of all assessment information. This information needs to be spread between all staff involved in the educational planning for your child.
  • Share information about what your child can or can't do prior to and after the injury.
  • Encourage your child to participate in physical activity to the best of their ability.
  • Break tasks down into small manageable steps. Your child may benefit from having illustrations or pictures showing how to do the task. An occupational therapist may be able to assist you with this.
  • Once your child has learnt how to perform a new task or skill, make sure they have plenty of opportunities to practise that skill. Some children will required 'over learning' of tasks.
  • Observe your child for any signs of post-traumatic epilepsy, hearing loss or problems with vision.
  • Be aware your child's personality and behaviour may have changed. Behavioural problems may appear with some children exhibiting socially uninhibited behaviour. It may be helpful for you to identify strategies to improve unacceptable behaviour such as:
    • redirecting or defusing your child's behaviour
    • tactical ignoring of some behaviour
    • reminding or restating key rules
    • warning your child of the consequences of their behaviour
    • giving your child simple choices
    • rewarding appropriate behaviour.
  • Use reinforcement, especially encouragement to provide feedback to your child on his/her behaviour in different situations.
  • Allow family and friends to assist and accept offers of help.

Download the PBIRT team brochure (PDF 101KB) and head injury - what to do (PDF 133KB) for more information.