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Nexus Education works at the Nexus Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit. We aim to provide a structure and routine that is cohesive with the student's home schools. We ensure that all our students can engage in activities that are meaningful to them, their lives and their educational careers.

We offer set classroom times and can also flexibly support our young people on the ward. We support students within the local Hunter New England Health District and across NSW. Students accessing our school room can come from Private schools, Independent schools, Catholic Education, Department of Education and TAFE. Some are not attending school but we support young people's self-determination by participating in meaningful learning to support their integration back into the community.

Students are admitted to the ward through NSW health processes. They are admitted for varied lengths of time. We work with key stakeholders such as psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, mental health nurses and medical registrars. We liaise with school staff, families and external agencies to support our students. At Nexus Education, we ensure that all our students can have the opportunity to learn.

We have two classes which have the capacity to cater for all students on the ward. Our classes are led by an Assistant Principal and a teacher. We are committed to special, inclusive and mainstream education. The teachers contact schools regarding admissions and discharges, to support transitions in the student's life. It is essential that our students can access their regular schoolwork and be provided with a diverse range of curriculum, so that their admission doesn’t adversely impact their engagement with education. Our classroom is diverse, and we adjust for the needs of each child. We deliver curriculum across all subjects in collaboration with the student's census schools. We can put schools in contact with clinicians who can support the sharing of clinical information further.