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Information for parents

If your child is suffering from cancer, here is some useful information for parents:
  • Provide your child and his/her siblings with age appropriate information regarding the condition.
  • Explain treatment procedures as simply as possible.
  • Meet with the social workers from the oncology ward to discuss any concerns and what services are available to assist your child and family during treatment.
  • Keep a calendar making treatment dates, planned visits to hospital, clinic visits and visits to school.
  • Request a central point of contact for all communication with your child's home school and try to maintain regular contact with that person.
  • Inform the school of your child's progress and request school work if they will be absent for long periods of time.
  • As treatment may continue for a long time, try to encourage your child to continue with some aspects of their school work when they are well enough. Work may be provided by your child's home school or from the hospital school.
  • Be aware that some treatment may cause changes to your child's concentration and organisation skills.
  • Contact Cancer Support groups in your state for additional information and support for both yourself and your child.
  • Be aware of the feelings of siblings who may feel scared, frightened, sad or resentful of the attending their brother or sister is receiving.
  • Be willing and open to accept support from the school community.
  • If your child is attending school intermittently during treatment ensure the school is aware of the need to notify you immediately of any infectious disease outbreaks such as chicken pox. Provide a letter for inclusion in the school newsletter.
  • When treatment is completed and your child is ready to return to school you may want to request part-time attendance until their stamina increases.
  • Take an active role in the Learning Support Team meetings on your child's return to school.

Additional information

Below are some guides that may be helpful or visit the Ronald Mcdonald Learning Program website.