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Transcript of Living with Cystic Fibrosis video

00:36 They all become part of your everyday

00:37 habits just like brushing your teeth or

00:40 combing your hair and sure at times they

00:42 can get in the way but at the end of the

00:44 day we have to be grateful that we have

00:46 the opportunity to incorporate these

00:47 treatments into our routines in order to

00:50 keep us alive

01:04 each morning and every night those

01:06 people living with CF have their own

01:08 routines consisting of at least one or

01:10 two nebulizers physio session in between

01:13 each nib and a handful of medication but

01:15 on top of that is the consistent push to

01:18 incorporate as much exercise into each

01:20 day to keep the lungs active it's making

01:23 sure you eat enough nutrients and

01:25 healthy fats to maintain a healthy body

01:26 weight and avoid malnutrition making

01:29 sure you're well rested and keeping on

01:31 top of things is much harder for some

01:33 than it is for others but it's a

01:35 full-time job if you let your guard down

01:37 you can find yourself in hospital.

End of transcript.